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Mary Ruddy is the owner of Organic and Natural Choices, a community website created to share resources, tips, advice and guidelines with people around the world, who are living or would like to live, a healthier, more eco-friendly, organic and natural lifestyle. Mary lives in Ireland and grew up in the country on a small farm. She welcomes and encourages every reader to comment, share experiences, provide tips, share recipes, and make suggestions.

The Increasing Dangers Of Factory Farms That Affect Your Life And The Life Of Your Family

factory farms animals

Where once small family farms dotted the countryside of many countries around the world, changes in farming over the last 3 or 4 decades have seen those tranquil family farms replaced by the huge corporate factory farms that provide the meat for most of the population. Factory farms are defined as farms that raise livestock […]


Launch Contest Draw Results

By: Tim Green

Want to see who won the prizes in our special Launch Draw Contest? Wondering if you were among the lucky winners? Check out the results now here, and please spread the word about the website.


How Organic Farming Can Help Us Perfect Our Food System

By: Emilian Robert Vicol

11 year old Birke Baehr explains what’s wrong with our food system and how organic farming can help us make a massive difference to our health and life.


Look Stunning While Staying Healthy With Organic Beauty Products

By: Glory Foods

Worried about fine lines and wrinkles? Worried your face looks tired and drained? Want to look fabulous for a big occasion? Organic beauty products can safely have you looking stunning.


Style Your Home with Beautiful Organic Furniture, Built To Last While Keeping You Safe

By: Wicker Paradise

Struggling to find comfortable, stylish furniture? Have you thought about choosing organic furniture? Why not style your home with some beautiful, stylish and comfortable organic furniture.


A Detailed Overview Of Organic Farming And The Benefits It Offers

By: Brittany  Silverstein

What does organic farming mean? Why is organic farming better and what benefits does it offer? Why are organic farm products better for you? All this and more in this detailed overview.


An Introduction To Going Organic And Living A Healthier Lifestyle

By: lululemon athletica

Organic is the latest buzz word. But what does it actually mean? What does going organic mean and is it really achievable? Learn what going organic offers and the steps you can take now.


Show Your Client You Care About More Than Just Business With An Organic Corporate Gift

Pingvallavatn, Iceland

Surprising your clients and customers with an organic corporate gift could prove to be a very wise business move, while demonstrating how much you appreciate them and the environment.