Inexpensive Exercise Equipment To Help Keep You Moving

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In recent years, it seems like all those manufacturers of fitness products try and convenience average ordinary people that they simply can’t exercise to get healthy without having that home gym.

However, those stationary bikes, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, and treadmills, not only take up a lot of space in the average home, but they might be far more expensive than most people can afford.

But by making wise choices, you can build your own home gym by choosing from some extremely inexpensive pieces of equipment. Here are a some great choices that can help you get fit, and keep money in your pocket:

A Jump Rope

Used by professional boxers and even skiers, as well as a number of other athletes in training, a jump rope will help you get a great cardio workout, and will help you build stamina as well. Best of all, it can be used indoors or out, is easy to store when not in use, and priced at under $10.00 is an extremely low price of equipment.

A Hula Hoop

Most people remember that inexpensive toy from childhood – the hula hoop! Well now it is one of the most popular pieces of inexpensive exercise equipment around. Hula hoops can be purchased in adult sizes and in weighted and unweighted versions (although weighted versions are more expensive.)

The hula hoop can make exercising fun and help to tone your body. In addition, if you can keep that hoop moving for 15 minutes at a go, it provides a fairly good aerobic exercise as well. Best of all, even if you can’t actually keep that hoop moving, just going through the motions can really help tone a variety of muscles.

A Ball

That’s right, adding a ball about the size of a soccer ball or basketball to your home gym, can allow you to do a wide variety of exercises. Those on a budget can use any large ball you already happen to have, or purchase one of the big “toddler” balls for under $5.00.

For those who want to get even more training in and have the extra money, a 10 pound medicine ball is a great addition. Simply using the ball (depending on the type) to play catch, throw up against a wall and catch, dribble it using both hands and feet, and quickly passing it from hand to hand around your body, between your legs, and around your neck, can work a whole range of muscles and help you learn a whole bunch of cool tricks to entertain those friends, kids, grandkids, or classmates.

Resistance Bands

Most single resistance bands are priced at under $10.00 or you can buy a set of 3 to 5 for around $20.00. These simple stretchy (but not too stretchy) bands when used correctly, can take the place of several of the more expensive pieces of exercise equipment, including a rowing machine.

Small Hand Held Weights

A set of both 2 pound and 3 pounds weights normally cost under $10.00 a pair and those 5 pound weights are slightly more expensive. These weights can be added to many simple exercisers such as squats, walking, and toe touches, to add a bit of resistance to the workout and help to burn a few more calories.

Exercise Equipment From Things Around The House

In many cases, you can simply use things around the home as part of the equipment in your home gym. Vegetable cans make great light weights, and those gallon milk jugs with handles filled with water or sand make excellent heavier weights.

You can also use a cement block, a small wooden foot stool, or that front step leading into your home, in place of stair master. Simply stepping on and off a step 100 times or so can provide you with a pretty good workout all on its own.

An old broom handle or closet pole can be lain across cement blocks or even a stack of books, so it is a few inches to a foot off the ground, and you can jump back and forth over it to provide a good cardio workout and to help increase stamina.

Try walking with that dictionary or encyclopedia balanced on your head, and not only will posture improve which could help to eliminate back aches, but you will be strengthen your neck muscles as well.

Not only can you build you own home gym with lots of equipment very cheaply, but having a variety of fun equipment to use when working out will help to keep you motivated as well.

What are your favourite and cheap ways to exercise? What tips do you have on exercising on a budget?

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