Container Gardening For The Organic Flower Garden With Limited Space

Almost everyone loves flowers, but not everyone has the space to plant a full fledged organic flower garden. Those who live in the city, or those who are renting their property, may either have small or non-existent lawns, or be restricted with what they can do to the lawn area.

Some landlords simply don’t want their lawns “torn up” to cultivate the ground for the planting of flowers, even though it actually increases property values.

In cases where space or access to the lawn is limited, container gardening can allow you to have the joy of organic gardening, while having those beautiful flowering plants that add beauty and joy to your home.

Best of all, container gardening can be done inside or outside, allowing you to garden all year round. In fact, you may already be doing a bit of container gardening without even being aware that this is what you are doing.

What Is Container Gardening?

Basically, container gardening is simply growing any living plant in some type of container. If you grow house plants or herbs in your window, you are all ready container gardening. Any type of container can be used for container gardening, from window boxes, to baskets, to wonderful decorative planters.

Many people who live in flats in the U.K. create beautiful container gardens using various types and sizes of containers, right outside their back and front doors, or in the small patio area attached to their flat. Some of these gardens are so well planned that they actually look like small scale formal gardens.

Container gardens can be one container or many, depending on the amount of space and time that you have. The main thing about container gardening is making sure that you choose the right size container for the type of flowers you are planting.

Can You Truly Have A Completely Organic Container Garden?

Because most container gardening uses bags of soil purchased from garden shops, many people believe that organic gardening is simply not possible. However, most garden shops now carry organic soil, and you can purchase flower bulbs, seeds, and even starter plants that are completely organic.

Even if you are a city dweller, you can compost your own kitchen scraps to make compost, thus avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers to keep your plants healthy. There are special kitchen composting buckets made that allow you to compost right in your home or apartment, without making your home smell like old food.

Small decks, and even those apartment balconies, can be turned into a beautiful flower garden, which will provide an oasis right in the middle of a large city. Window boxes work well for townhouses and duplexes, and renters who do not have a yard can create a beautiful and more spacious flower garden without digging up one single shovelful of soil.

Not only will these container flower gardens bring beauty into your life and the lives of those around you, but they may actually be helping the environment in the city where you live. Green growing plants, including those flowers, absorb carbon dioxide, and give off life-giving oxygen, which means that you will doing your own part to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air that you breathe.

Don’t let where you live stop you from experiencing the joy of having that organic flower garden. Even a small indoor organic flowering plant can be worth the effort, simply for the beauty it brings into your life.

Do you have a flower garden? What are you favourite flowers? What tips can you share on growing your own flowers?

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