Maintaining The Quality Of Life While Dealing With High Blood Pressure

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In some ways, discovering that you have high blood pressure can be pretty dismaying. You know it means that you are going to have to make some changes in diet, and more than likely lifestyle.

Initially, being told that you have to lower your sodium intake, and even lose weight may seem like a overwhelming task, and the idea of changing your lifestyle to cope with this new medical condition isn’t going to be the least little bit appealing.

However, once you get over the initial shock and make up your mind that you are going to have to do what is necessary, you will find that not only is it fairly easy to maintain the quality of your life while dealing with high blood pressure, but that having to control this condition may actually help to improve the quality of your life.

The idea that dealing with high blood pressure can actually improve the quality of your life seems to be an extremely optimistic statement and perhaps it is. However, it is also true. It just depends on how you look at the entire situation.

The first thing you need to do is actually be grateful that your high blood pressure was discovered. There are hundreds if not thousands of people each year who have this condition and it goes undetected until they have a stroke or a heart attack.

In your case, the high blood pressure was discovered while there was still time to do something to help prevent you having a stroke or heart attack. So while you may have to change your eating habits and even go on that diet you are always thinking about, you know that there is something you can do to improve your health.

Changing Your Diet

For most people, changing their diet is the difficult part, especially if you are used to eating a lot of fast food or dining out a lot. Because you will have to decrease the amount of sodium intake rather sharply, this means that dining out in the way that you used to is simply no longer going to be possible.

However, once you learn how to control your sodium intake, and how to prepare foods that are lower in sodium, then you can once again enjoy eating out, as long as you go to restaurants where you are comfortable telling them exactly how you want your food prepared.

In the meantime, learning to cook sodium free or at least reducing sodium can actually be fun. Learning how to prepare new foods and discovering great tasting recipes and seasonings can actually seem like a wonderful new and exciting hobby for those who like to cook.

And in many cases, if your doctor has told you that losing some weight will actually lower your blood pressure, you can combine those low calorie and low sodium recipes together and come up with some extremely great tasting and really satisfying dishes.

Increasing Your Exercise

Since your doctor will also tell you that getting more exercise will help to reduce that low blood pressure, you may be surprised to discover that making the effort to get more exercise can further help to increase the quality of your life. It is surprising how simply taking a daily walk in a park can lower your stress levels and give you an opportunity to meet new people.

It usually starts out with a casual nod to other walkers, and then progresses to a smile and wave, and often to some companionship on your walks and some great conversations, and even the start of new and interesting friendships.

The same thing can happen if you decide to take an exercise class, a dance class, or join a local adult sports team. Getting out and moving makes you feel more alive and after a while you simply want to do more things because you feel more energized.

While being diagnosed with high blood pressure does mean that you are going to have to make some changes in your life to regain your health and get that blood pressure under control, it doesn’t mean that your quality of life will suffer, in fact in all reality your quality of life and your ability to enjoy that life may actually increase.

Do you suffer with high blood pressure? How does it affect your life? What have you tried that has helped?

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