Choosing Earth Friendly Toys For Toddlers

Did you know that choosing earth friendly toys for your toddlers is not only good for the environment, but good for your child’s health and imagination as well? If not, then this article may open your eyes to just how healthy these toys can be and just how much they can stimulate your child’s imagination.

Organic Toys For Toddlers

Organic seems to be current buzz word these days and the truth is that many of the toys and other items that are labelled as organic simply are not. For example, organic toys simply needs to be toys that were once made of living materials, usually those grown without chemical fertilizers or insecticides.

However, there is nothing that then stops the manufacturers of these so called organic toys from using chemicals in the toy-making process. True organic toys are toys that are made without any toxic or synthetic chemicals, and they are much more plentiful then you might think. Organic toys include:

  • stuffed animals
  • building blocks
  • boats
  • kitchen sets
  • cars
  • dolls
  • all types of instruments including drums, rhythum sticks, flutes and much more
  • stacking toys
  • puzzles
  • pull toys
  • art supplies
  • play house and forts
  • ride along toys

The list goes on and on Organic toys are normally made from wood, bamboo, cotton, wool or other plant material. The plants that these toys are made from are grown without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, they contain no chemical dyes (all the coloring comes from plants), and they are 100% free of toxic poisons such as arsenic and lead that are found in many of the other toys today.

Toys Made From Recycled or Reclaimed Materials

Other earth friendly toddler toys are made from recycled or reclaimed materials. While the materials used for some of these toys do contain chemicals, they are healthier for your child than most new toys because many of the chemicals have leaked from the material prior to it being recycled.

Of course, when choosing toys made from recycled or reclaimed materials, you do want to make sure that the process that recycled the material into a toy was toxin free, and that any new paint is also plant rather than chemical based.

Solar Powered Toys

Another type of earth friendly toy for toddlers are those solar powered toys. While some of these cars and trucks, planes, and other toys, are made from organic or recycled materials, others are not. However, they are definitely earth friendly as they use solar power rather than batteries to power the running parts of the toys. This means that are no batteries to have to throw away and they are a great deal of fun for your child.

Think Naturally

Surprisingly two earth friendly toys that you toddlers just love are actually free. That is sand or dirt and water. Toddlers will spend hours upon hours of contented play in a sand box or sand pile, building entire cities, roads, castles, and other interesting structures. Throw in a couple of other earth friendly toys like a wooden dump truck, shovel, or even wooden animals and there will be absolutely no limit to your toddlers imagination.

The simple truth is that toddlers simply don’t need those computers and video games, movies, and battery driven cars they are perfect happy and content and able to learn with simpler toys that allow them to use their imagination, problem solve on their own, and create any number of play scenarios that they wish.

Allowing your child the simplicity of childhood while choosing earth friendly toys for them gives them the opportunity to have fun develop their learning skills, be healthier and teaches them at a young age to be environmentally friendly.

Do you worry about the toys you buy for your toddler? Do you find it difficult to find suitable toddler toys that are safe and healthy? What’s your toddler’s favourite toy?

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