Organic Footwear: Offering Style, Comfort, And A Healthier Environment

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When most people think of organic footwear, they think of ugly sandals, and blah looking boat shoes that are a little less than sturdy, and anything but cute and fashionable. However, if that is how you think of organic footwear, then you haven’t looked at the multitude of materials, styles, or the quality of manufacturing, that goes into today’s organic shoes and boots.

The truth is that organic footwear never looked so good, or felt so comfortable as they do today.

Organic Footwear For The Entire Family

Today’s organic footwear designers and manufacturers make shoes from natural materials using natural manufacturing processes for the entire family, from the smallest infant to great grandmother. Everyone in the family can enjoy stylish shoes made from organically grown natural materials, no matter what age or size you happen to be.

Types of Materials Used In Organic Footwear

A lot of people are surprised these days to see a pair of great looking and stylish pair of shoes or boots, and then read a tag that states the shoes are made of 100% organic or vegan material. But, the simple truth is, that between today’s modern technology, some incredible footwear designers, an abundance of choices of wonderful organic materials, making organic footwear fashionable, durable and incredibly comfortable is second nature.

Here are just some of the materials used in today’s natural footwear:

  • Organic cotton

  • Bamboo and other grasses

  • Hemp

  • Birch bark

  • Organic leather

Organic hemp not only wicks away moisture, but is also naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well, which means that not only will you not be wearing shoes or boots that are made using chemicals that are harmful to you, your family and the environment, but you will be wearing shoes that may help prevent you from athletes foot, or toe fungus as well.

Bamboo shoes also have anti-bacterial properties, and are believed to help reduce and even eliminate foot odour. Best of all, bamboo shoes are extremely comfortable for those who have to spend long days on their feet.

Organic leather is made from organically raised cows, and uses a special chromium free vegetable tanning process to eliminate the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process. Organic leather is soft and supple and makes great shoes, boots and shoe soles.

What Makes Organic Footwear Beautiful?

Many of the individual shoes and boots made from organic materials are incredibly beautiful. This is because a lot of this type of footwear is hand sewn, with a sharp eye for detail, resulting in simple and elegant designs that catch the eye, without the need for embellished dye work, or flashy buckles. The details in much of this footwear is truly exceptional.

In addition since many of the organic materials used in footwear are actually “kind” to your feet, wicking away moisture and having some pretty astounding natural cushioning, these shoes are often more comfortable than traditional shoes, making them even more appealing to those people who spend a lot time on their feet for either work or pleasure.

Organic Leather And Vegan Footwear

It should be noted that organic leather footwear normally comes from animals raised organically for meat and killed humanely. However, for those who feel that the killing of animals even as a food source is wrong, there are plenty of styles of vegan footwear available to purchase. So one does not have to give up their individual principals in order to enjoy wearing all natural, organic footwear.

Keep in mind that when it comes to organic leather, you need to look for leather that specifically states it is made from animal hides that are raised organically, that the dyes used for these product are vegetables dyes, and that the leather is processed without heavy metals or cancer causing chromium.

Even then, this does not mean that organic leather is completely chemical free, but it will mean that there will be far less chemicals used to process this leather and harm your health than there will be in traditionally tanned leather.

Footwear That Is Not 100% Natural, But is 100% Environmentally Friendly

Although this article is about 100% natural and organic footwear, it would be extremely remiss not to mention that you can also purchase shoes that are not 100% natural, but are 100% environmentally friendly. These shoes often have tops made of organic and natural materials, while the soles may be made of materials such as recycled tires.

Footwear in this category is often made using organic manufacturing methods whenever possible, and simply combines natural materials with man-made materials that need to be recycled in order to cut down on environmental waste.

If you are interested in living a life that is more chemical free and more environmentally friendly, then you may want to check out some of the great styles of organic footwear that’s available today.

Do you find it difficult to find comfortable footwear? Does your footwear irritate your feet and cause you problems?

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