Celebrate The Christmas Season By Sending An Organic Christmas Basket

Is there someone on your Christmas list who has been talking about going organic and hasn’t quite made the move? Or perhaps they have already started living an organic lifestyle and would love an organic Christmas gift?

Well, it is nice to know that there are a variety of companies who make up and ship organic gift baskets right to the door of the person you want to give the gift too.

Organic Food Baskets

There are a number of assorted organic food baskets that would make a perfect gift, from organic teas and beer, to delicious chocolate and dessert treats, fruits and everything in between. These beautiful gift baskets are a pure delight, and with so many choices, it is simple to find one suitable for everyone on your shopping list.

  • Organic tea gifts baskets: offer a relaxing way to end the day, something that will help you overcome all that holiday stress.
  • Organic Fruit Baskets: Organic fruit baskets offer a gift that is a healthy alternative when the holiday feasting becomes a bit too much. Loaded with naturally sweet tasting fresh fruit such as pears, oranges, apples and other fruit, this is a pure delight for those fruit lovers and those who want to celebrate the culinary lighter side of the holiday.
  • Organic Cheese And Wine Baskets: These gift baskets are perfect for the adults on your shopping list. These beautiful baskets normally offer a variety of organic cheeses and one or two bottles of organic wine to enjoy at night when your cuddled up by a roaring fire.
  • Organic Goodies: There are also gift baskets that offer an assortment of organic goodies from organic candy and cookies, to crackers and spreads. These gift baskets make wonderful family gifts and save you the hassle of having to decide on something different for every member of the family.

Organic Spa Baskets

What could be better than giving someone you care about the means to pamper themselves without worrying about what toxins they are absorbing while they bathe. These spa baskets often offer shampoos, bath products, skin lotions, and teas or snacks to have while soaking in the tub.

It’s a wonderful way to get those you care about to take care of themselves and introduce them to the lovely relaxing feel of organic bath products.

Cannot Find The Right Organic Gift Basket? Try Making Your Own

Remember if you cannot find the right organic gift basket for someone on your shopping list, you can make your own gift basket. Here are a few creative gift basket ideas you can make yourself:

  • Organic Gardening Gift Basket: Why not create your own gardening gift basket for that gardener on your shopping list? You can include several packets of organic flower or vegetable seeds, organic cotton gloves and some small gardening tools.This is sure to be huge hit for any gardener on your shopping list. Don’t forget to throw in a few seeds or starter plants for herbs so they can begin gardening using their windowsill during the winter months.
  • Kid’s gift baskets: Nothing will delight small children more than a gift basket chalked full of organic treats and crafts. There are a number of all natural wooden craft sets for kids, as well as organic chalk, crayons, paint. Add some recycled paper and some organic play dough and the children on your shopping list will be thrilled. Teenagers will love snack gift baskets.
  • Cleaning gift Basket: While it might not seem like a thrilling gift, giving a friend who wants to go organic a basket filled with either purchased or home made cleaning gift supplies, can make an ideal gift that they use over and over. Just make sure if you use home made cleaning supplies that you include the recipes, so that once the supplies are gone, they can make their own and keep cleaning organically.

Gift baskets are a huge hit with almost everyone on your shopping list. By giving them an organic gift basket that they will love, you are showing them that living organically doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming.Do you struggle with choosing Christmas gifts for friends, family and neighbours? What type of gifts do you usually give? What type of gifts do you like to receive?

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