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Mary Ruddy lives in Ireland, in a small rural Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) village called Lispole, in beautiful Co. Kerry, in the South-West of Ireland. . Mary grew up in a tiny village in Co. Mayo, on the West Coast of Ireland, where her family and neighbours grew their own food, churned their own butter, and basically, lived off the land. Back in those days, while people had less, they were so much healthier. Food was grown organically and naturally, and all around, fruits, berries and nuts were provided by nature in plentiful supply.

Most of the neighbours were small dairy farmers, and back then, neighbours really helped each other out. Bartering was part of everyday life, where a neighbour would willing swap a few organic eggs for a jug of milk or a head of cabbage. When it came to harvest time, neighbours rallied around to help each other, and every member of every family played their part, creating a wonderful community spirit. Women learnt to bake homemade soda bread from a young age, and Mary learnt to milk a cow when she was 8 years old. Recipes were passed down from generation to generation to ensure that Irish traditional cooking was preserved.

During the recession in the early 1980′s, Mary moved to London and worked there for 16 years, before returning to her native Ireland in 2001. While in London, she experienced a wide variety of cultures and traditions, and got to travel to a number of countries: United States, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, France, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and plans to visit a lot more in the coming years.

Following the sudden loss of family members and friends through ill-health, a lot of them at an incredibly young age, Mary had a vision to create a central, universal website for all things organic and natural. Her frustration with being unable to easily locate relevant websites on living naturally and organically, fuelled her drive and ambition to deliver a community based website for like-minded people. She believes that returning to our roots and moving towards a more organic and eco-friendly lifestyle, can only serve to help us achieve better health, and a greater appreciation of nature and what it has to offer, and the planet we are part of.

Mary is the owner and webmaster of OrganicAndNaturalChoices.com which is an educational website that provides information to the general public and corporations on going green and living a more natural, organic and eco-friendly lifestyle. She stays updated on all the latest information and trends which she researches thoroughly so she can provide people of all backgrounds, around the world, with accurate information on living a green, organic and sustainable lifestyle.

Mary is committed, together with her friend Martie, to providing interesting and worthwhile information on a continual basis, on all topics related to organic living. Together, they will thoroughly research topics of interest, to save you time and frustration, and invite you to be a part of their community. Mary welcomes all input, suggestions, stories, photos – absolutely anything you want to share on going green and living an organic and eco-friendly life in the most affordable way possible. And there will be fun along the way! With contests, tips and stories to make the journey more enjoyable.

Mary is a self taught Irish traditional musician, and grew up enjoying trout and salmon fishing, is an avid reader, was a member of the Dingle Church Choir before relocating to Lispole, enjoys long walks in the countryside or along the sea. She is a member of the Dingle Business Chamber Committee and the Kerry Business Women’s Network and enjoys volunteering in the community for charity, social and business events.

Martie Lownsberry lives in the United States, in the Northern lower peninsula of Michigan on a 7 ½ wooded lot just outside of a small town with the love of her life Vito, their two dogs, a number of Chinchillas, and at times some of their grown children. She is a professional Internet article writer and has written for many different clients both on websites and privately on a variety of subjects.

She grew up mostly in a rural setting in a family that loved hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, and has lived most of her life in a rural setting, which is highly conducive to a more natural lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until the 2008 recession hit, and Martie and her family had to make some budgetary changes, that they began living a more organic lifestyle.

Currently, the family heats their home mainly by a wood pellet stove, eats organically grown vegetables that they freeze for winter use, and enjoy substituting their meat with freshly caught fish from some of cleanest lakes in the States. It was due to her growing interest in living more organically that first got her interested in writing articles for Mary on this website, and she is excited about helping bring some of the information she is learning to those who visit the site.

While she is committed to writing, Martie most enjoys writing about topics that are interesting and help people to live a healthier and more affordable lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of nature and being able to have a bit of fun. Besides writing, Martie is an avid cook and loves trying new low calorie, but tasty recipes, playing with her chins, reading and doing a variety of crafts.

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