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Martie Lownsberry lives in the United States, in the Northern lower peninsula of Michigan on a 7 ½ wooded lot just outside of a small town with the love of her life Vito, their two dogs, a number of Chinchillas, and at times some of their grown children. She is a professional Internet article writer and has written for many different clients both on websites and privately on a variety of subjects. You can read more at martielownsberry.com

Making The Decision To Eat Organically For Better Health And Longer Life

By: Richard Smith

Do you eat organic foods? Have you thought about eating organically? Are you aware of the health benefits of eating organic foods? Get a better insight into making this lifestyle choice.


Celebrate The Christmas Season By Sending An Organic Christmas Basket

By: Harvey Norman

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas for a family member, friend or neighbour? Looking for that extra special gift that shows you care? Why not consider an organic Christmas basket.


Get A Better Understanding Of The Role Cholesterol Plays In Your Health

By: Klearchos Kapoutsis

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Are you worried about heart disease, stroke or high blood pressure? Do you find it hard to maintain healthy cholesterol levels? Check out these tips.


Protecting Your Unborn Child Against The Chemicals And Toxins Revealed in Startling Studies

By: Montse PB

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling and anticipating the birth of your child is so exciting. But protecting your unborn child against dangerous chemicals and toxins is essential.


An American Thanksgiving – From Past To Present

By: Steve Evans

An in-depth look at the history behind the American Thanksgiving celebration, where it first started, and how it has evolved and changed since that first ever Thanksgiving feast long ago.


Choosing Organic Clothing And Bedding For Your Baby’s Health

By: Stacy Spensley

Are you worried about your baby’s skin rashes? Does your baby have recurring allergies? Perhaps the clothing and bedding are at fault. Organic clothing and bedding is safer and healthier.


Congenital Anosmia: How Does It Impact One’s Life

By: Dennis Wong

A look inside the life of someone who grew up with, and lives with, Congenital Anosmia, the up and downs, and some inside tips on the best to deal with it for a better quality of life.


Winning The Battle Of Getting Your Child To Eat Healthier

By: apparena

Are mealtimes a battleground? Do you lose patience trying to get your child to eat healthier food? Well, there are ways to make healthier eating for children less stressful and more fun.