Make Your Own Healthy Lunch Meat For Healthier Sandwiches And Lunchboxes

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Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of trying to eat healthier is giving up those processed foods. Let’s face it with today’s economy brown bagging lunches is more popular than ever before. Packing a sandwich is often convenient and the quickest lunches to pack. But, how do you pack a healthy sandwich that saves money, and is healthy as well?

Believe it or not, there is a healthy solution that allows you to have that sandwich and eat it too, without getting all of that added sodium, or those chemical additives and preservatives. Simply make you own lunch meat.

Not only is this a simple solution to avoiding going the processed food route, giving you a healthy alternative to processed lunch meat, it also will save you even more money, because making your own lunch meat is cheaper than buying those packages of lunch meat.

Purchase a turkey breast and or lean beef roast and cook it at home with the seasonings you want, have it sliced thinly and freeze it to use in your luncheons. Of course, choosing organic grown and free range meats are always the best choice if you can afford it. If not, cooking your own luncheon meat from fresh is still much healthier than the already prepared meats loaded with preservatives.

If you don’t have a meat slicer, and most people don’t, talk to your local grocer or restaurant owner, and ask them if they would be willing to slice some cooked meat for you on a regular basis. Most grocers will do so, especially if you are a regular customer and do a lot of shopping in their store.

Try to choose the deli department, as they normally only slice cooked meats, so you won’t have to worry about having your cooked meat sliced on the same slicer that just cut that raw steak or those pork chops.

Healthier Lunch Meat Calls For Healthier Sandwiches

Now that you are making healthier lunch meat, you need to build yourself healthier sandwiches. Try using multi-grain bread for those sandwiches, adding lettuce, tomatoes and a little mustard, rather than slathering on the mayo.

Or better yet, why not skip the bread altogether and make an inside out sandwich, by dicing the tomato and lettuce and rolling it inside the lunch meat, bringing along an apple, a few grapes, or a plumb and a handful of walnuts or almonds. This will offer you a healthy lunch that is fairly low in calories and should fill you up, giving you energy to get through the day.

By choosing to cook your own meat for those brown bag lunches at home, you are easily able to reduce all those chemical preservatives and the amount of sodium you are putting into your system, while actually eating food that is not only healthier, but tastes better than those you find in the local supermarket.

Best of all, you will be saving more money than you might imagine, as making that lunch meat at home is far cheaper than purchasing that pre-packaged unhealthy lunch meat that is offered for convenience sake.

Have you tried making your own healthy lunch meat? How healthy are the sandwiches you eat? What’s your favourite sandwich?

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