How This Site Is Financed isn’t a typical website. It allows neither advertising (companies can’t pay to appear on the site), nor subscription (no charge is ever made for using the site).

Yet it’s going to become mammoth beast,serving millions of people around the world, and allowing people to fully interact with the site through the sharing of their comments, the submission of their stories, and the running of contests.

Completely Free To Use

The most important thing to understand is that doesn’t allow advertising (companies can’t pay to appear on the site) and is completely free to use. Anything on the main site is here because we believe it is the best way to live organically and naturally, based on independent, detailed and specialised journalistic research by members of the team. No one can pay to have anything put on this site.

The website is currently run and managed by Mary Ruddy, with support from a dedicated independent researcher, author and passionate advocate.

Currently, there is no revenue to cover the running costs of the website and these are being absorbed by Mary Ruddy. As the site continues to grow, the running costs will increase, and the site will need to generate revenue to cover those costs.

So How Does The Site Generate Revenue

Articles are thoroughly researched and written purely to offer you as much information as possible on various topics relating to all things organic and natural. In addition to this, we extensively research and locate companies and products throughout the world that complement the topics, theme and mission of the site, and check to see if any ‘affiliate links’ to the top products can be found.

While these look and work in the same way as normal links, if someone clicks through, the link is tracked, and if they make a purchase, then it may generate a small payment to the main site.

We only use affiliate links that give you an identical (or better) deal than going direct. However as these are technologically-generated, issues can always happen, so please do let us know if you spot this happening.

Doesn’t this compromise the site?

We don’t believe so. The OrganicAndNaturalChoices articles are written based on the topic at hand and in a natural manner, without any product or company influencing how the article is written or the information it contains. The articles are written completely independently of any paid or unpaid links being available. Then, totally separately, paid links are looked for in relation to securing suitable products for the Shop section of the website that meet the needs of the topics being covered. If no paying link is available, nothing in the article changes. If the best product available doesn’t pay, it stays the best, and it is still added to the Shop inventory, as the main objective of the website is to offer you the best solution available. The link used is simply ‘non-affiliated’ i.e. non-paying. Financial considerations do not impact the inclusion of any company/product in the site.

Yet just like best buys change all the time, so do the products with affiliate links available. We may use the newsletter and website navigation to remind you more often about deals or new products that come available that could potentially generate more revenue for this site, though crucially, the core information, goal and intention of this website will remain the same.

We will never change our stance or product picks based on commercial considerations.

Where do the links come from?

They come from websites across the world that we have thoroughly researched, and investigated, and from websites we personally use or our readers personally use and have recommended to us. Their links are used and then if someone clicks through and makes a purchase, the main site gets a small split of their revenue.

We take pride in our painstaking research to bring you the best organic and natural products available currently on the internet, and we are successful at locating little “gems” that are not easily found!

However, rest assured, irrespective of whether a company or product you link through to is an affiliate link, your consumer rights remain intact.

How do we differ from other sites?

Other sites limit inclusion only to products that are paying them, and often seek to exert pressure on those visiting their sites to make a purchase. For this reason, we hope and believe that this site’s recommendations are the best.

Having the word “choices” in our name was a deliberate act. We want every visitor to our site to feel totally at easy to read high quality, well researched and informative articles, to comment as they see fit, to submit their own story, to actively engage with us and other visitors, to share our articles via social media, to contact us at any point, and to feel they can browse the shop section with recommended products just as freely as if they were window shopping.

As there are no corporate paymasters, everything that is written is unbiased, objective and free from outside influence.

What Happens To The Money

Any money earned from the site will be used to fund the following:

  • Editorial and technical staff
  • In-depth researching for the creation of future articles and the addition of products
  • Web design and future expansion of the site
  • Servers and keeping the site running
  • Advertising
  • Accountancy and legal bills
  • Salary
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