The Increasing Dangers Of Factory Farms That Affect Your Life And The Life Of Your Family

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Where once small family farms dotted the countryside of many countries around the world, changes in farming over the last 3 or 4 decades have seen those tranquil family farms replaced by the huge corporate factory farms that provide the meat for most of the population. Factory farms are defined as farms that raise livestock […]


Are Your Baby Products Harming Your Baby’s Health?

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Read about the hidden health hazards found in the majority of baby products that are never told about and discover the simple steps you can take to protect your baby and keep them safe.


Are The Hidden Poisons In Your Life Ruining Your Health?

Cochem, Germany

Discover the hidden hazards, poisons and dangers, in your everyday life, that could be ruining your health, your family’s health, as well as impacting negatively on the environment.


Beware The Dangers Of Chemical Fertilizers And Pesticides

Palo Duro Canyon, Texas, USA

The worrying dangers of chemical fertilizers and pesticides you need to know about, and the impact these have on your home, your health, your family, your neighbours and the environment.


Are The Chemicals In Your Home Making You Sick?

Horseshoe Falls, Tasmania

Ever feel short of breath after spraying air freshener? Or overcome with fumes while cleaning your oven? The safer, healthier and chemical free alternative is organic cleaning products.


Do You Know What Is In Your Drinking Water?

Tomb Of Ancient Koguryo Kingdom, Korea

How much do you really know about what’s in your drinking water? Think you are safe with well water or bottled water? Think your health is not being affected by the water you drink?