Service Animals: Helping People To Live Better More Active Lives

Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

The benefits and controversy associated with service animals, and why the incredible role they provide to those in need, can never be discounted or ignored, regardless of public outcry.


The Benefits Of Pets For Children

Zlebsky stream, Czech Republic

Deciding on whether or not to get your child a pet of their own can be quite daunting. Knowing the benefits a pet offers your child can help make that decision just a little bit easier.


How Pets Can Improve Your Health And The Quality Of Life

Rila mountains in Borovets, Bulgaria

The incredible physical and mental health benefits associated with owning a pet, and how your chosen pet can significantly enhance your quality of life, and that of your family as well.


Is A Pet Right For Your Family?

Haunama Bay, Hawaii

Before going out to get a pet for your family, are you sure you are making the right decision? Have you thought it through properly? Do you know what’s involved? Will you love it always?